Introducing a membership network to help connect the early adopters and top innovators in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality for learning. Through our events, research, media, and online network, we hope to further the exploration of extended reality (XR) across the full spectrum of learning.

what makes us unique 

We are the only community specifically focused on the lifelong learning market for XR technology. Leveraging the strong, engaged audience of our community partners, as well as our deep industry connections, we are 100% focused on transforming lifelong learning with augmented, virtual, and mixed reality.

Industry 4.0



Connecting INNOVATIVE Learning  Leaders. Accelerating XR Tech Adoption.

We are bringing together hundreds of thousands of leaders in education, education technology, and the XR in learning industry, which we will leverage to pioneer the way for conversations on the creation and implementation of augmented and virtual reality for learning. 

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Learn how XR is being adopted in learning applications across all three domains (K12, Higher Education, and Corporate Learning).


Showcase your products, expand your reach, and connect with top talent in our XR in Learning community marketplace.

Community Engagement

Participate in discussions, get connected with potential users, get feedback on your ideas, and be more visible in the XR community.

Interactive Events

Connect in person with teachers, administrators, L&D professionals, and practitioners, and brainstorm ways to improve the use of XR in learning.


In 2018, EdTech Times and Boston University joined together to co-host the second annual xR in EDU event. The one-day conference focused on exploring the impact of AR/VR on education and training, bringing together researchers, educators, and industry leaders from over 102 organizations across the globe to discuss the future of XR in Learning and to establish landmark partnerships to bring the industry forward. In 2019, we hope to reach an even wider audience of educators, technologists, researchers, and explorers of XR in the learning space. 

From Our Attendees

Our October 2018 event hosted 200 attendees from over 100 organizations, including 16 exhibitors. Find out what they had to say about their experience. 

“Thanks so much for inviting us to the event. It was great to understand the ecosystem, and most of all, to connect with a lot of great minds that think alike and are willing to collaborate to create an XR ecosystem around education.”

Douglas Fajardo

CEO/CXO, Xennial Digital

“The event was great. It was engaging, interesting, and I found it applicable to our business.”

Paul DeLuca

VP of Production and Digital Studio Workforce Readiness, Pearson


Our third annual event on augmented, virtual, and mixed reality in learning will include the latest XR innovations in education, and corporate learning. 

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