XR in Learning

Fall 2019

Two years in a row, we have hosted the premiere event focused on XR in learning, bringing together industry leaders from Microsoft, Google, MIT, and more, to discuss the top trends in augmented, virtual, and mixed reality in education and training.

To learn more about the state of XR in education and training today, check out our photos and podcasts from last year’s event, XR in EDU, and join us at XR in Learning in Fall 2019

XR in EDU 2018

In 2018, EdTech Times and Boston University joined together to co-host the second annual xR in EDU event, which brought together researchers, educators, and industry leaders from across the globe.

Here are just a few highlights from last year’s event.

2018 Speakers

Last October, we had XR industry leaders, educators, edtech providers and more experts take the stage at XR in EDU. During the interactive, discussion driven program, we covered everything from XR for special education to virtual laboratories.  Listen in to our podcast episodes featuring this and last year’s speakers to find out what they spoke about at XR in EDU, and what work they are doing to encourage the use of AR/VR in learning. 

Chris Chin

Executive Director of VR Content


Dan Ayoub

General Manager, Mixed Reality


Dan Roy

Research Scientist


2018 Exhibitors and Sponsors

Join us at

XR in Learning

Fall 2019

Same event, new name. We’re hosting our third annual event on the intersection of XR and education, emphasizing lifelong learning with our programming across K12, Higher Ed, and corporate learning. Join our mailing list to receive updates, savings, and more information on XR in Learning 2019. 

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