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The XR in Learning 2019 sponsorship packages are designed to provide your organization with the most value for your marketing dollars, with a variety of options based on your size and needs.


Sponsorship Packages Designed for Your Needs


Through our events, media, and network you can connect with more educators and partners within the XR in Learning community.


You want to connect with industry leaders and build relationships with the influencers and business decision-makers who are defining the market. We bring together the buyers, innovators, practitioners, and thought leaders in an engaged community of practice to drive your business forward.


The K-12 market is evolving. University and corporate buyers have budgets but can be hard to reach. We put you front and center in our expo hall, our vendor marketplace, and as a thought leader. We create opportunities for you to align your brand with our industry-leading research, podcasts, and other content to showcase your capabilities and connect with your ideal customers.


As this market evolves, you want to be in conversation with the practitioners, learners, and buyers who are figuring out how to solve real-world problems with XR technology. Our events, as well as our interactive portal provide you with the direct connection you need to engage with your ideal customer.

Needs Assessment

The needs assessment is a deep dive by our team into your business. We’ll interview the key stakeholders in your organization to understand how you are looking to grow. From there we assemble a report that we’ll present to your team with recommendations based on our connections within the industry to help you maximize your ROI on your sponsorship.

Annual Conference Sponsorship

The XR in Learning (formerly xR in EDU) conference is the flagship event for learning professionals, XR technology developers, investors, practitioners, and researchers. This highly engaging annual event includes interactive workshops, conference sessions from thought leaders, case studies from educators, and an immersive expo showcasing the application of XR technology in learning.

Content Sponsorship

Throughout the year we will publish a variety of reports, whitepapers, case studies, podcasts, and more. Your sponsorship can include one or more of these in-depth content pieces to showcase the thought leadership of your brand.

Event Sponsorship

Over the course of the year we will be bringing the community of practice together for a series of focused conversations around specific issues in XR in Learning. Our sponsors can work with us to define the themes of those convenings, host interactive events, and work with us to develop targeted focus groups to gather data for your market research needs.

Online Community

As we extend our community from a single annual event to an engaged, year-round practice of scaling the use of XR in Learning, we’re rolling out a portal to help you connect with the teachers, learners, practitioners, and investors in the XR in Learning industry.

Custom Connections

We have deep relationships in the learning industry, from K12 to higher education to corporate learning and beyond. Through our assessment process, we’ll identify the people you need in your network to help you gain traction through connecting with potential buyers, partners, investors, and more.


Here are just a few offerings we can include for our sponsors.

XR in Learning Podcast Advertising

Our content team creates new podcasts on a weekly basis to advise members on industry trends, talk about real-world applications of XR in learning, and interview thought leaders. We will embed a custom advertisement into one episode to showcase your brand.

Custom Podcast Series

Connect with decision-makers and buyers through a custom podcast series. We’ll recruit guests from your target market and produce an interview-style podcast series with your target audience. With each episode you’ll build a new relationship with a prospect, while also creating great content for your target audience, all under your own brand.

Quarterly Convenings

Each quarter we’ll bring together innovators, practitioners, investors, and more to connect and engage in a conversation around special interest topics. Sponsor a quarterly event and our team will work with you to customize the theme, as well as showcase your brand at the event and on promotional materials.


Showcase your brand on our annual research report, our bi-monthly reports, or our drill-down reports. From single publication sponsorships to the sole sponsor of our annual State of the Industry Report, we have options to fit every marketing budget.

Focus Group

Do you want an in-depth understanding of what your prospective customers are looking for? We’ll recruit 15-20 members of your target audience and facilitate a one-day session to gather market data, and dig deeply into their goals, budgets, and buying timelines. You’ll get a full report and an opportunity to connect with attendees.


At XR in EDU 2017, TERC ( and Thinglink ( connected for the first time. Within a year, we partnered to build on the idea of students as creators of annotated 360 STEM and citizen science stories about their local environments.

TERC and Thinglink look forward to building on this relationship as TERC continues to identify and research innovative ways to get students to use technology in transformative ways to engage with the world outside their door and share their learning through various XR experiences.


“Thanks so much for inviting us to XR in EDU. It was great to understand the ecosystem, and most of all, to connect with a lot of great minds that think alike and are willing to collaborate to create an XR ecosystem around education.”

Douglas Fajardo

CEO/CXO, Xennial Digital

“The XR in EDU event was great. It was engaging, interesting, and I found it applicable to our business.”

Paul DeLuca

VP Content Production and Digital Studio Workforce Readiness, Pearson